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A Broker Success Story..

Broker X were purchasing around 300 motor trade insurance leads per month via another lead generation provider who sold the leads to around 5 or 6 brokers. Although the broker was seeing conversions and leads were cheap, the lead to quote ratio was only 8% meaning a lot of time and effort by their sales team to achieve a sale.

Broker X agreed to take the same amount of leads from QuoteSearcher on a monthly basis and compare like for like over time. Despite the QuoteSearcher leads costing more their overall CPA was significantly reduced resulting in more sales and higher commission income. Broker X subsequently agreed to double the amount of motor trade leads purchased per month on an ongoing basis with leads continuing to deliver a much higher lead to sale ratio.

Direct Comparison - Results
Lead gen – 300 leads @ £8 per lead, 25 quotes, 10 sales, CPA of £240
QS model – 300 leads @ £12 per lead, 100 quotes, 40 sales, CPA of £90



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