QuoteSearcher Team - Jun 7, 2022

BIBA 2022: Our Rundown of the Day’s Events

We were excited to be at BIBA in Manchester last week, finally being under...

We were excited to be at BIBA in Manchester last week, finally being under the same roof as our industry peers for the first time in three years. In the decade we’ve been attending the conference, this year was as busy as we’ve seen it with a huge amount of insurers and brokers on site all ready to network and catch up which was great to see.


Meeting in person is a big part of how we network and we were pleased to create connections with brokers both current and new, with plenty of opportunities established that we can follow up with now we’re back in the office.


What we found most interesting was the obvious joy meeting in person, rather than on Zoom or Teams, we felt a sense of relief in the industry and everyone we spoke too was clearly enjoying actually seeing people in the flesh.  The great atmosphere carried through to  Wednesday evening where there were plenty of events and functions happening across Manchester, which of course the team were happy to be a part of.



All in all, we found that BIBA is back to its best after the pandemic forced it to take a three year hiatus, and truly nothing beats meeting in person. We’re already looking forward to BIBA 2023 to see how a full year of “new normal” affects this ever-changing industry.

Thanks to the whole team for making this conference one of the best.